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Congratulations on your decision to be married.  We welcome the opportunity to share this special day with you.  Through your desire to be married, you are acknowledging your desire to form a relationship with each other.  Since you choose to be married in a church, we ask you to consider how God will be a part of your marriage relationship.

Although we do not require couples to be members or adherents within our church, we warmly invite you to take part in our congregational life.

Minister Presiding

Central United Church is currently served by a team ministry.  You will have an opportunity to meet with the available minister who will be presiding at your ceremony prior to the wedding.  If you wish to be married by anyone other than our current minister, this request must be relayed at the time of your booking.  All requests must be considered by the ministers, in consultation with the Worship Committee.

Your Meeting With the Minister

You will have the opportunity to become acquainted with the minister, who will go over the wedding ceremony with you to help you understand the significance of the event.  Please feel free to ask any questions during this time together.  You will be asked about the size of the wedding party, rehearsal details, music, and decorating.  You will also be required to provide the necessary information to complete both our church and Vital Statistics’ documentation.

Marriage Education

We strongly recommend that couples who desire to be married at Central United Church attend a marriage preparation workshop (in Brandon, these can be taken through The Counselling Centre, 335-9th St,(204) 726-8706).  You should be aware that there is a fee attached to this workshop.  If you so choose, you could also request that the minister discuss issues around relationship with you; these arrangements must be set up with the minister at least 2-3 months prior to the date of your wedding.

The Wedding Ceremony

The wedding ceremony is reverent, dignified and also joyous.  It is a Service of Worship, which includes readings from the Holy Scriptures, music and prayer. You will be encouraged to participate in the planning of your wedding ceremony.


Rehearsals are normally the evening prior to your wedding.  One hour is scheduled for the rehearsal and we ask that you please be punctual to avoid inconveniencing other couples.

Wedding Music

If you are planning to use the services of our church organist, you must advise the office at least two months’ prior to the wedding regarding your selections.  Should the organist not have your selected pieces of music, it will be your responsibility to provide a copyrighted sheet music to the office at least one month prior to your wedding.  Please keep in mind that all musical selections must be appropriate for a church setting and the minister reserves the right to make this decision.

Should you desire your own accompanist to play the Cassavant pipe organ, this musician must meet in advance with our church organist.  If a soloist is planned, a rehearsal must be scheduled, if possible, within one month of the wedding to allow the organist time to practice.  Should you request the use of the church piano or other instruments, physical movement of such is to be done only by the church caretaker.  If you request music recordings to be played at the wedding service, you must bring the recordings to the rehearsal to be played by the sound technician.


Decorating the Sanctuary is welcomed, however please be conscious of the Christian symbols (i.e. communion table, cross, etc.) which may not be moved or covered.  Flowers should be delivered no later than one hour before the service begins.  It is suggested that the following be brought to rehearsal:  guest book, pew bows (to be applied with elastics), decorations, candles, programs, etc.  Please label them as we may have more than one wedding that day.  We do not supply unity candles, however you may use our candelabras (including the candles).  For safety and environmental reasons, we do not allow confetti, bubbles, bird seed, etc. inside or outside the church.  Please have a person designated to gather your decorations, flowers, guest book, etc. immediately following the service.


Parking at the front of the church is reserved for the wedding party.  We have a small lot to the south of the church building.  As well, should it be available, you will have the use of the Brockie-Donovan Funeral Home parking lot across the street.


Photographs may be taken in the Sanctuary during the following times:  prior to the service, during the processional, signing of the register, and recessional.  Video cameras are permitted with the understanding that the equipment is set up in advance of the ceremony and that it be as inconspicuous as possible.  If possible, we ask that the photographer and/or videographer attend the rehearsal.  Following the service, if time permits, wedding parties may do photographs in the Sanctuary.


To book the church for a wedding, please contact the Office at 204-727-0577 or 

Marriage Licenses

You must obtain a marriage license before you can be married in Manitoba.  This may be obtained from our church or at other designated locations in the Province of Manitoba for a fee of $100.00.  The license should be delivered to the church at least one week prior to the wedding where it will be secured in our safe until your wedding service.

Special Instructions

By Manitoba law, the wedding cannot be performed if either of the couple and/or witnesses appear to be under the influence of alcohol or other mind-altering substances.

Please be on time for both your rehearsal and wedding ceremony as it may be very difficult to accommodate with the many outside groups who use our church facility.

We hope the above information is useful and will answer many of the questions you have about your wedding.  We extend our best wishes to you, and pray that God will bless you both with a very happy and fulfilling life together.

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