April 23, 2013

Our Vision
“We will strive toward our vision of:

Growth and Involvement 
– so that our pews are full, and everyone is welcome to participate in activities, with the result of an engaged community of faith and hope, with greater comradeship and continuing support and encouragement for all

Lifelong Learning 
– so that we demonstrate a commitment to education for all ages, with regular sabbatical leaves for ministry staff and a biblically and theologically informed congregation

Reaching Out 
– so that we are a “warm” congregation that lives out our motto of “a church with a heart in the heart of the city”, through generosity, social leadership, and commitment to loving “the least, the lonely, and the lost”

Celebrating Diversity 
-so that we use a variety of worship styles, programs, and talents, in response to the needs of a wide range of people

-so that we have sufficient funds, equipment and people to do God’s work, and well-used facilities which are adaptable to our needs.”

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