Local Each year, the board of the church draws up a new budget, which you as a congregation approve at the annual meeting. Each committee puts forth to the board a request for the amount that they need to do the work that they are commissioned to do on behalf of the congregation. Mission Gifts Read more…


    If you have automatic debits taken from your bank account to pay for insurance, cable TV, taxes, fuel, or mortgage, then you understand the PAR principle. It means regular contributions throughout the year. Many people use the PAR system for their church offering, finding it a convenient way to take care of their Read more…

Planned Giving

Planned Giving, very simply is planning to make a gift. Planned gifts are generally funded from accumulated resources of assets, rather than income. For more information, please contact the church office. The most common Planned Gift received by the church is a bequest. The tax benefit from a bequest accrues to the donor’s estate. The Read more…

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